Mariah Ledesma - CrossFit 519

Mariah Ledesma

L1 CrossFit Coach

| Mariah K. Ledesma. L1 CrossFit Instructor, 2015-present. Graduate of Washington & Jefferson College with a major in Spanish and Teacher Certification K-12, 2011. Masters of Education in Instruction, Curriculum, & Bilingual Education from the University of Texas at El Paso, 2017. U.S. Army Sergeant and veteran, 2011-2015. I was introduced to  CrossFit while serving in the Army, and it quickly became a passion of mine. In addition to guiding and motivating athletes toward their goals, I seek to foster a safe, fun, and productive exercise environment. For me, CrossFit is not only constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, but also a lifestyle that engages the mind, body, and spirit toward the development of a solid foundation.


  • EliteThu 6:00 am - 7:00 am